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[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
Another redirecting post!

Part 1
Part 2

It's Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 icons.

They may contain spoilers.

Like last time, if using here, feel free to credit this account. If using on DreamWidth, feel free to credit using that account.
[LoK] Asami
Like the title said, just a directing post to the newest icon post.

It can be found over here at DreamWidth.

Any crediting can be done with either this account (magoichi) if using here on LJ or that account (zumbeh) if using on DreamWidth.
Dec 23 2011 - Announcement!
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
Anyone who is moving to DreamWidth with this newest LJ development, and wishes to continue seeing icons from here there, I have set up the comm under the same name.

I'm working on getting everything all prettied up but it's there if anyone wishes to continue watching.
Nov 28 2011 - Requesting Post #1
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
As a belated one year anniversary for this comm, I've decided to do requests in celebration! (Also I just feel like making icons for other people.)

For such, anything goes as far as medium. Anime, manga, live action, video games, etc.

+Reserves/Placeholders are A-OK as I know sometimes people don't know what they want iconed at the time.
+For limits, I say "unlimited" but as I am only human, use your own discretion about that /o/
+Anything also goes as far as icon material: gore, porn, etc. Just let me know so I can put a warning.
+Re-requests will be done should the original icons not be to one's liking. (Though I will definitely make it more than one way as a just in case.)
+As I don't know most fandoms, just in case, include the series name so I can tag it accordingly.

For those wanting colored manga panels, some examples (in icon form, newest to oldest) are my way of coloring:

All I ask for on such is a colored example if I don't know the canon well enough. A color spread/chapter page/whatever will work fine.

But like always, the higher the quality of the image(s), the better the icon(s).
Oct 18 2011 - Icon Batch #14 part 2
[Bad Girl] Going to fuck your shit up.
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 15
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt 6
Sailor Moon 14
Uta no Prince-sama (mainly Shou/Syo) 17
Vocaloid (mainly Luka) 12

Total: 64

I swear I will one day stop making 100+ for one batchCollapse )
Oct 18 2011 - Icon Batch #14 part 1
[Bad Girl] Going to fuck your shit up.
Since there's a 100+ (namely due to the Dynasty Warriors batch), this post is split in two parts! Part 2 is linked at the bottom ♥

Dynasty Warriors 122
Samurai Warriors 8

this is something wittyCollapse )
Sep 10 2011 - Icon Batch #13
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
Amano Tsukiko: 40 (38 + 2 variations)
Black Bird (all Misao): 29 (26 bases + 3 colored)
Crimson Tears: 33
Deadman Wonderland: 40
Final Fantasy (VI/Terra): 15
Hetalia: 30 (female nations + some Nyotalia)
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Mami): 3
Resonance of Fate (manga/Zephyr): 17 (13 bases + 4 colored)

Total: 207

Cause they know I know that they don't look like me.Collapse )
Jul 12 2011 - Icon Batch #12
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
Gah been awhile since the last miscellaneous icon batch x.x


American McGee's Alice: 40 (35 regular + 5 Plurk)
Fatal Frame: 10
Ginchiyo Tachibana: 12
Kunoichi: 15
Magoichi Saika: 7
Masamune Date: 16
Warriors Orochi: 23

Total: 123

let's not start with the he said she saidCollapse )
[Fatal Frame 2] Mio/Mayu: Together.
Just all Wu.
does my bias show or what?

Total: 80

Witness the strength of my bow!Collapse )
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